The Suriya starrer Si3 directed by Hari, released a couple of days back on Feb 09th. The film has had a steady 3-day run hitting a peak today at the TN box office. The rough all-India day 1 gross of Si3 is 17.49 crs.

Here is the all-India day 1 box-office break up of Si3:

TN – 7.35 crores
AP/TG – 5.53 crores
Kerala – 2.31 crores
Karnataka – 2.3 crores
India Total: 17.49 cr

These figures are from a bankable source and not the official one. The film is apparently drawing the B and C centre audience in large numbers. This is reportedly the biggest opening that Suriya has got till date and let’s hope the film sustains this run.